​Full range of LED lamps part 1


LED lamps and lanterns LED lamp types Daquan introduced […]

LED lamps and lanterns LED lamp types Daquan introduced today for everyone to introduce the types of LED lamps, personal finishing what omissions please forgive me 1. LED fluorescent LED fluorescent lamp nothing to say everyone knows, is now mainly divided into T8 and T5 so-called T8 or T5 is a classification of their diameter. 2.LED hose light with LED hose Lights with thick rope, belonging to PVC material, generally installed on the inner side of the ceiling along the side or behind the background wall shape, into a strip of light, the lamp irradiation of the top or wall After the formation of banded halo, soft and elegant. 3.LED Wall Lamps Partial lighting above the headboard, in front of the mirror, next to the door, corridor, kitchen, etc. Wall lamps are also available. Wall lamps are decorative lamps installed on the wall. The mounting position is slightly higher than the height of the human eye when standing. It can be used as auxiliary lighting in the room where the chandeliers and ceiling lamps are the main lighting, which can save electricity and adjust the indoor atmosphere. 4.LED ceiling lamp The ceiling lamp is a lamp that is directly fixed on the ceiling and is suitable for installation in a room with a lower floor height. Light sources are light bulbs, mainly incandescent and fluorescent lamps. Ceiling lamps with incandescent light sources are mostly made of milky white plastic or glass covers. The ceiling lamp with a fluorescent lamp as a light source is mostly made of plexiglass, and the metal grid is a cover. The ceiling lamp with a diameter of about 200mm is suitable for use in aisles, bathrooms, and kitchens. A ceiling lamp with a diameter of about 400 mm can be used in a room of about 16 m2. 5.LED chandeliers LED chandeliers are usually the protagonists of home lighting, the variety is more numerous, according to the shape structure can be divided into branches, flower shape, prototype, square, lantern type, hanging type. Only chandeliers, trifurcations, quadruples, pentafurcations, six prongs ... ...; according to the number of the lamp, can be divided into single head, trifurcation three fire, three forks four fire ... ...; according to the member material, there are metal components and plastic Components; according to the nature of light bulbs, can be divided into incandescent, fluorescent, low-power candle lights; according to size and volume, can be divided into large, medium and small. It is often used in the living room and living room with a floor height of 3m or more. 6.LED spotlight (the main model of LED spotlight is LED MR16)

LED spotlights are new varieties developed in recent years. Their light directionality, light color, color temperature is generally 2950K, generally have a variety of different lamp holders, can be adjusted in height, left and right, can be single, can be Group, lamp head can do different angles.


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