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The occurrence of LED light source devices has a landma […]

The occurrence of LED light source devices has a landmark in the field of lighting. With the increasing power consumption demand of the world, the storage capacity of capital, natural gas, coal, and other major international contemporary power is gradually being reduced. According to the current excavation speed, oil and natural gas are separated by only 40 years and 60 years of recoverable reserves. The pursuit of new and renewable power and the development of energy-saving and efficient skills have received extensive attention from global planning. Solar photovoltaic LED lighting is a typical application of new power and energy-saving skills. Solar photovoltaic power generation converts solar energy in nature into electricity and supplies it to LED light source equipment. Due to the low voltage, energy saving and long-term characteristics of LED light source devices, the application of solar LED lighting systems will end up with high power utilization, operational reliability, and practical value. Therefore, the research on the manipulation skills of solar photovoltaic power generation lighting system has been paid attention to by various parties.

The principle of energy saving of LED light source equipment

The solar photovoltaic LED light source equipment system constitutes an energy-efficient solar photovoltaic power generation LED lighting system including a solar battery pack, a DC-DC converter, a maximum power tailing MPPT fMaximum power point tracking, a battery pack for controlling and storing electric energy, an LED lighting control, and an LED Some light source equipment.

The operation principle of the solar photovoltaic power generation lighting system is: in the period of sunlight, the solar battery group converts the collected solar energy into electric energy; under the control of the control system, the maximum power tailing (MPPT) method of the solar photovoltaic battery is selected. Electrical energy is stored in the battery pack; when the LED light source device system requires power supply, safe and efficient voltage and current are supplied to the LED lighting source. Make the LED lighting system energy-efficient and efficient, and provide clean and environmentally-friendly green lighting for our operations and days.

Solar photovoltaic power generation Solar photovoltaic cell power generation is one of the first methods of using solar energy. The LED device manufacturer's LED package uses a potting method. The process of potting is to write the liquid epoxy in the LED molding cavity first, and then pierce the pressure-welded LED support. After the epoxy is cured in the oven, the LED is taken out from the cavity to form. Called the glue filling, one of the LED packaging methods. About the LED equipment manufacturer's LED etching machine LED production equipment: Including MOCVD equipment, liquid phase external plating furnace, lithography machine, dicing machine, automatic die bonding Machine, gold wire ball welding machine, silicon aluminum wire ultrasonic pressure welding machine, potting machine, vacuum oven, chip counter, chip detector, film inverting machine, light color point automatic sorting machine, etc.


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