​Two major trends in indoor LED lighting design


Modern lighting fixtures not only provide lighting effe […]

Modern lighting fixtures not only provide lighting effects in residential areas, but also constitute a major part of the living environment. The lighting of the living room is inseparable from the lighting, and the lighting is the reverberation of the lighting. It is not only the tool for setting up the effect of parking the house, setting up the visual conditions, but also part of the decoration of the house. It is a continuation of lighting skills and installation art. The use of lamp fittings and the harmony of their light colors can make the living environment complete with a certain atmosphere and artistic conception, show consistent style and characteristics, increase the beauty of the installation of art, and make the indoor space more accustomed to the needs of everyone's mind and body. Aesthetic taste.

LED is a green light source. Led light DC drive, no stroboscopic; no infrared and ultraviolet components, no radiation thick, high color rendering and very strong light bias; dimming performance, color temperature innovation will not live visual abuse; cold The light source has a low calorific value and does not require a secure contact; these are not achieved by conventional incandescent lamps and light pipes. It can not only provide cool lighting space, but also perfectly suits people's need for health. It is a healthy light source that guarantees eyesight and environmental protection. Led lighting a new type of lighting products, its use of long-term importance of the world, during which high-brightness high-power white LED is also known as the most valuable light source in the 21st century, will inevitably lead to a new innovation in lighting. Since the white LED display, no matter whether the light emitting principle is still effective, other aspects are the benefits that other traditional light sources cannot match. Therefore, LED lighting has become a trend of 21st century bedroom lighting. When LEDs and traditional incandescent lamps are just presented, In the same way, a new world has been opened up for indoor lighting.


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