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     Although the LED lamp is more expensive than usual […]

     Although the LED lamp is more expensive than usual energy-saving lamps, its service life is much longer than usual energy-saving lamps. It can be used for 100,000 hours in succession, which is 100 times more than that of ordinary bulbs. LED lamps consume only one-tenth of the energy-saving lamps. So, how to buy the right LED light it?
Color temperature is divided into two kinds of warm color and cold color, the same color temperature of LED lamp is divided into two kinds. If you are the LED lights for the bedroom and day zone, then you should choose warm LED lights. This color of light with the color near, people feel very warm, feel very comfortable. The cold-colored LED lights are best suited for use in kitchens and basements, where we find light or convenience to help us find something or work. Other clean rooms This place is very funny, you can choose according to their own characteristics and furniture decoration to choose the color LED lights, warm colors will make you more relaxed in the clean room, and cold colors will give you a "sense of power."

Also, when we pick LED bulbs, we must carefully look at the ratio of lumens and power values, so you can choose to high brightness but low power consumption of goods. First, the LED lights can cooperate with the light adjuster to change the brightness and even the color of the lights. Second, LED lights are more safer than CFLs. Since it is not like a CFL lighting up with "Gaseous", its safety theory Is the highest. Most importantly, it is very power-saving. If the average household uses it, its power consumption is almost negligible compared to the power consumption of all households. Therefore, we may try the LED lamp when purchasing a light bulb.

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