2017 commercial space lighting design trends forecast: increased market demand


Lighting has become a very important factor in the desi […]

Lighting has become a very important factor in the design of shopping malls. But a successful design that requires lighting designers to keep up with the rhythm of the changes that affect shopping and business trends. Non-stop changes are business-oriented, which reflects the changing social and commercial characteristics. In view of the architectural designers and interior designers continue to develop the concept of commercial lighting design in 2017, what are the changes and trends?
1, the Internet in the past China's real estate development is very fast, the progress of the project are very fast, which forced us to do the design is all the way trot, keep up with the speed of construction, there is not enough time to think and scrutiny there is no time to precipitate The Next, with the slowdown in the development of real estate, China's interior design, lighting design to provide a very good opportunity, let us reflect on the past design, to precipitate and enhance our own design level, I think in the next 10 years, 20 years will appear more original design, better works. After a period of precipitation and promotion, our design will gradually have the international market competitiveness, the next rapid development of the design industry should belong to the international competitiveness of enterprises, as well as to participate in the international market enterprises.
2, China's interior design and lighting design market is still great, the prospects are good! Top design agencies works more and more international Fan. The diverse design style will be in the design stage of 2017. The interior design is a good combination of huge audiences and international prospects. Combined with Chinese elements, traditional culture, interior design and lighting design, has a very broad prospects.
3, lighting ecological, to achieve sustainable development. Lighting and operation of the combination, that is, in the pursuit of lighting at the same time, commercial space lighting design also need to consider energy saving and environmental protection, to achieve sustainable development. Designers in the design, to consider how the mix and use of lamps to reduce energy consumption, reduce the burden of commercial space long-term operation.
With the development of science and technology, indoor lighting design from visual lighting to a wide range of atmosphere lighting transformation, the light and shape of light and space, light and color, light and material produced by the "light" environmental art into interior design, lighting The role of lighting in interior design is becoming increasingly prominent.
4, lighting design segmentation, to meet different consumer groups
Lighting design to be more refined, because the commercial complex of the brand positioning and its targeting for different consumer groups, need to design to meet the different types of consumer light. For example, from the audience, the more traditional department store, the shopping center of the customer group is more young, so in addition to simple shopping needs, the young group is more diversified leisure mode, for 90 consumers are cool , Fashion lighting lighting requirements; and 70 and 80's consumers, they have more attention to the children's format, lighting designers have to enter the mall after their scenes, activities, type of lighting to consider. Undeniable interior design and lighting design in recent years the development of very fast, the prospects will be larger, especially in the future professional design will be subdivided more accurate, the level is getting higher and higher. Domestic lighting design is still in the starting stage, with the market demand for more and more standardized and popular lighting technology, lighting designers have a broader stage. Today, China's change with each passing day, or even change the scene. Commercial space lighting design is also true.log in to our official website for more details :http://www.gentwin.com/

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