Advantages of Gentwin Led Heat Sink For Applications


At some point in the thermodynamic system design projec […]

At some point in the thermodynamic system design project, it may be apparent that improving the thermal efficiency of the test and the real method - solid foundation, led heat sink and fan - is not enough. Reasons include:

The reserved area prohibits the larger radiator. Shell size and / or airflow can not be increased. The whole or part of the transition to a solid copper heat sink, adding too much weight, in some cases too much cost. The component power / density needs to move the heat to a remote location that is more than 40-50 mm away from the heat source.

Whatever the reason, most thermal engineers will need a two-phase cooling solution that uses heat pipes or steam chambers in many of the projects involved. But which one might be the best choice? I would like to summarize the structural differences and thermal design considerations between these very similar but somewhat unique two-phase devices.

Probably needless to say, but all two-phase devices work the same way. The core structure is applied to the inner wall of the housing. The liquid is added to the apparatus and vacuum sealed, at which point the core core is dispensed in the entire apparatus. When heat is applied to a zone, the liquid becomes vapor and moves to a lower pressure zone where it is cooled and returned to the liquid form, thereby moving it back to the heat source by capillary action. In this sense, the heat pipe and the steam chamber are the same.

For the sake of simplicity, I will focus on the most common two-phase equipment type: a copper container, using a sintered copper core structure, and water as a working fluid.

The heat pipe has been the two-phase equipment chosen by the heat engineer, mainly because the cost relative to the steam chamber is lower. They are used for heat transport, they still have advantages, and are used for heat dissipation, usually using multiple pipes that are close to each other. For lower power applications, it may only require a small heat pipe, or a heat pipe that requires efficient heat transfer, and the heat pipe remains advantageous due to its low cost and design flexibility.

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