Advantages of the LED light source


As a kind of lighting technology appeared late, LED has […]

As a kind of lighting technology appeared late, LED has the advantage of not only reflected in the quality of light, in the production of usability are far beyond the traditional incandescent lamp fluorescent light source, so since 60s, has been developed and applied rapidly. Compared with incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps and other older generation of luminous color, the advantages of LED are mainly reflected in the following aspects:
LED is not in the glass shell structure, need not be the same as incandescent or fluorescent lamps in the lamp vacuum or into a specific gas, so the earthquake resistance is good, bring convenience to production and transportation of each environment.
The size of the LED component can be very small, and it is more convenient for the layout and design of various devices
The light concentration of the light emitted by LED is very high, and it is concentrated in the smaller wavelength window. The purity is high, and the LED wavelength and color temperature are flexible and diverse, which can meet all kinds of places of use.
LED components are very long life, generally between 50 thousand -10 10000 hours, even if the frequent switching, it will not affect the service life
The luminous index of LED is very directional, and the brightness attenuation is much lower than that of traditional light source
LED can be driven by low voltage direct current, and has lower requirement for using environment.

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