Application Place of LED Spotlight


LED spotlights are mainly used in single buildings, ext […]

LED spotlights are mainly used in single buildings, exterior wall night lighting of historical buildings, interior and exterior lighting of buildings, interior partial lighting, green landscape lighting, billboard lighting, medical and cultural lighting and other special facilities. Atmospheric lighting in bars, dance halls and other places of entertainment.

1. Outward Lighting of Buildings
The projection of an area of a building is nothing more than the use of projection lamps which control the shape of the round head and square head of the beam angle, which is completely consistent with the traditional concept of projection lamps. However, due to the small and thin source of LED projection lamp, the development of linear projection lamp has undoubtedly become a highlight of LED projection lamp, because many buildings have no place to pick out the traditional projection lamp. It is easy to install, can be installed in horizontal or vertical direction, and better integrated with the surface of the building. It brings a new lighting vocabulary for lighting designers and expands the creative space. It will also have an impact on the lighting methods of modern and historical buildings.
2. Landscape lighting
Because unlike traditional lamps, led spotlights are mostly glass bulbs, which can be well integrated with urban street furniture. It can illuminate the leisure space of the city, such as path, staircase, deck, waterfront and gardening. For flowers or low shrubs, LED can be used as a light source for lighting. Led concealed projectors will be particularly popular. The fixed end can be designed as plug-and-pull type, which can be adjusted conveniently according to the height of plant growth.

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