Brief Introduction to LED Heat Pipe


A new generation of high-power LED light source with en […]

A new generation of high-power LED light source with environmental protection and energy saving and many other advantages, but the high-power LED lamp heat dissipation is poor, easy to reduce the lamp power, chip aging, working life shortened and so on, so heat is a constraint on its development Vital factor.

LED thermal management mainly includes three aspects: chip level, package level and system integration cooling level. Among them, the chip is the main heating components, the quantum efficiency of the heating efficiency, the substrate material to determine the chip heat transfer efficiency; for packaging, the package structure, materials and processes directly affect the cooling efficiency; system integrated cooling level is the so-called external Radiator, including heat sink, heat pipe, fan, temperature plate and so on. In recent years, LED cooling problem has been gradually concerned about the domestic and international academic community, corresponding to carry out a variety of research, but because of LED lighting cooling experience for the design, cooling system is relatively poor professional, so that the current LED lighting problem is still very serious. Therefore, high-power LED lamps for thermal analysis and thermal design has important practical significance.

At present, the main high-power LED cooling technology has heat sink, heat pipe, temperature plate, radiation coating, thermal paste, thermal pads and so on. The heat sink is the use of the expansion of the surface area of the heat convection distributed to the environment, the impact of heat sink cooling performance factors are the shape of the fins, fin number, spacing, size, tilt angle, heat sink material and processing technology, commonly used cooling technology.

LED Heat pipe is the use of condensate liquid phase of the cycle, the LED issued by the high heat derived and distributed out. Under normal circumstances, the cold end of the heat pipe and heat sink with the use, to achieve better cooling effect. Equal temperature plate and heat pipe principle is similar, but the heat pipe is one-dimensional one-way heat transfer, and the temperature plate for the surface heat transfer, with two dimensions, so that the entire radiator surface temperature uniformity. Radiation coating is the outer surface of the radiator coating thermal coating, improve the emissivity, so that the heat more effective radiation out. The thermal paste and the thermal pad are intended to reduce the contact resistance.

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