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In the choice of LED lamps, control LED technology deve […]

In the choice of LED lamps, control LED technology development is a major key is the life of the power supply and LED life does not match, LED long life, but the power of the original electronic device is not so long, especially the life of electrolytic capacitors Has become the overall life of LED lamps.
The company's technical staff to tell you that the choice of LED lamps should be considered from the following aspects:
First, the power efficiency, power efficiency, the more energy-efficient, while the power to reduce the heat, effectively improve the life of the power supply.
Second, LED lamp beads is enough foot 1W chip package, many manufacturers use less than 1W chip package lamp beads to produce finished lamps, the use of power to improve the output current to improve the brightness of the lamp beads, but that the initial brightness of the lamp Yes, but the light is fast.
Third, LED lamp beads of heat, LED lamp beads cooling structure design the better, the same light time will be extended. Currently on the market most of the manufacturers are shortening the cost of aluminum heaters to heat, so that LED lighting quality greatly reduced.
So everyone in the purchase of LED lamps, pay attention to the above aspects, to pick out the products have been satisfied.

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