Common LED classification


1. According to LED light color is divided into red, or […]

1. According to LED light color is divided into red, orange, green (subdivided yellow green, standard green and pure green), blue and so on. In addition, some light-emitting diodes contain two or three colors of the chip.
According to the light-emitting diodes at the light doped or not doped scattering agent, colored or colorless, the above-mentioned various colors of light-emitting diodes can also be divided into colored transparent, colorless and transparent, colored and colorless scattered scattering four types. Scattered light-emitting diodes are not suitable for use as indicator light.
2. According to the structure of the LED has all-epoxy encapsulation, epoxy encapsulation of the metal base, epoxy encapsulation of the ceramic base and glass packaging and other structures.
3. According to the luminous intensity and operating current divided by ordinary brightness of the LED (luminous intensity less than 10mcd); ultra-high brightness LED (luminous intensity greater than 100mcd); the luminous intensity of 10 ~ 100mcd called high-brightness light-emitting diode. General LED operating current in a dozen mA to dozens of mA, and low-current LED operating current below 2mA (the same brightness and ordinary LED).
In addition to the above classification methods, but also by the chip material classification and classification by function.

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