Daily maintenance guidelines for LED lamps


In the long term use, LED lighting fixtures also wear, […]

In the long term use, LED lighting fixtures also wear, coupled with some wrong operation, but also easy to damage the LED lighting fixtures. How to use LED lighting lamps to maximize its effectiveness and have a longer service life?
How to clean the LED lamp
In cleaning and maintenance should be careful not to change the structure of LED lights, and do not casually replace the components of LED lights;
After cleaning and maintenance, the LED lamp should be installed as the original, and don't leak and install the LED lamp parts;
The light of the room should be wiped with dry cloth frequently, and pay attention to prevent the intrusion of moisture;
Installed in the kitchen lights should pay special attention to smoke prevention, light shade better transmittance, should be diligent in wiping.
Daily maintenance of LED lamp
After the purchase of LED lights, the LED lights should be carefully read and read the installation instructions, and then according to the instructions of the installation and use of LED lights, otherwise there may be dangerous;
It is found that when both ends of the lamp are red, the tube is black or dark, and the tube does not turn on, the lamp tube should be replaced in time to prevent the ballast from burning out;
Don't switch frequently. Because the LED lamp in the frequent start of the instant, through the filament current is greater than the normal work of the current, so that the filament temperature rise sharply, accelerate sublimation, which will greatly reduce its service life.


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