Detailed anatomy of aluminum housing for LED lamps


As we all know, there are two kinds of radiator market […]

As we all know, there are two kinds of radiator market LED lamp, LED bulb lamp, LED ceiling: one is turning into NC aluminum profile, the other one is an ingot mold die casting zinc Aluminum Alloy formed, both have advantages and disadvantages, but I personally think that the profile of shell than shell casting much benefit.
First of all, a cast zinc Aluminum Alloy shell, the lamp cast zinc Aluminum Alloy shell thermal conductivity is about 80 90W/M.K, and the oxidation residue attached, and surface injection or plating processing, the actual thermal conductivity is worse, if you use Aluminum Alloy AA1070 to a LED cup, casting fin thick this caused, the radiating area is very small, is not conducive to heat dissipation.
The material is Aluminum Alloy 6063-T5, its excellent heat transfer rate is about 180 ~ 190W/M.K, the radiating fins can be made very thin, only 1 mm, thermal structure design unique, maximize heat area, making the products in the long-term work under the condition of normal temperature, the cup body can maintain the temperature below 50 DEG C, thereby effectively to reduce the process of using LED light, can guarantee the quality of lamps. According to the survey, the same size LED cup, cooling effect of sunflower radiator is 1/3 higher than that of die casting shell.
The appearance of the product is designed according to the modern streamline design, which conforms to the public aesthetic concept and creates a perfect and classic shape. In addition, the LED sunflower radiator than the die casting shell 1/3 lighter, especially some large volume LED lamps, such as PAR20, PAR30, PAR38, PAR56, AR111 and other types of products, can save a lot of freight!
Die castings are not good for nothing. If they are mass produced, the production speed of the die castings is very fast, and the production cost is low.

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