ED lighting design of the reliability of lighting


   1, electrical safety    2, fire safety    3, for env […]

   1, electrical safety
   2, fire safety
   3, for environmental safety
   4, mechanical safety
   5, health and safety
   6, safe use of time and so on
   From the electrical safety point of view, should be consistent with the relevant international and national standards. As the LED is a new product, China's national standards lag, but the state to provide product testing. With international safety certification (such as GS, CE, UL, etc.) and the national product quality certificate of LED lighting prices to high, because these products are safe in the design is reliable. Consumers pay attention to is to seriously identify the authenticity of the certificate, there are international safety certification and national product certification of the manufacturers are not many. From the health side, the use of non-toxic materials designed to high prices, especially indoor LED lighting, do not choose cheap odorous LED lighting, at present only a few LED manufacturers are non-toxic materials production, identify the method Can be directly with the nose, the smell of the product is much lower than the odorless price. Similar to lead, mercury, cadmium and other toxins need professional analysis.
   From the perspective of environmental safety, there are reliable dust and moisture-proof design, materials, fire, anti-ultraviolet, anti-low temperature cracking of LED products, high prices.    From the safe use of time to see, the average consumer to be the difference between the merits and demerits is more difficult, the reliability of the design, the choice of components or the pros and cons, and prices have a great relationship. Engineering lamps, do not choose low prices, inferior quality products. For example, the choice of different wires, prices are different. Some manufacturers use the old electronic components disassemble, recycling recycled plastics, recycled metal materials production LED lighting, these poor quality LED lighting prices than the normal price of LED lighting more than 50% cheaper.

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