Five great ways to buy LED light bulb


First strokes, according to the season, the ambient col […]

First strokes, according to the season, the ambient color temperature: color temperature range of 2700 ~ 6500K, the smaller the value of the yellow bias, and vice versa is blue and white light, yellow light is usually applied to winter and bedroom, living room, restaurants and other occasions, comfortability. While the white light is more bright and clear, suitable for summer and study, kitchen and so on.
Second strokes, need to emphasize the color contrast, the election color is high: color rendering refers to the object after the color of light after the authenticity of the value of 0 to 100, and now LED bulb color rendering standards are greater than 75 or more, but people suggested that 80 The above is better, the home of the studio people should choose to buy high color light bulbs, can reflect the authenticity of the color.
Third strokes, according to the number of flat, environmental lighting demand, select the quantity and luminous flux: luminous flux refers to brightness. In the same number of flats, the number of bulbs used varies depending on the environment. Like 5 Ping bedroom and study, each needs 2 and 5 13 watt light bulbs.
Fourth strokes, selected light-emitting efficiency: the higher the luminous efficiency, on behalf of the more power-saving, the current LED lamp luminous efficiency [lumens (LM) / watts number (W)] generally higher than 80, select the higher the value, the more power-saving.
Fifth strokes, general LED lighting (non wide) for illumination lamps, LED lighting for wide-angle type floodlight lamp: refers to the light angle, generally applicable to the general LED lighting under illumination lamps, such as down light; wide-angle LED bulb for flood type light lamp for example, wall lamp, floor lamp etc.

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