Gentwin blooms at "Strategies In Light 2017" in US


Strategies In Light 2017 was held in Anaheim Convention […]

Strategies In Light 2017 was held in Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim, CA, USA on 28th February - 2nd March 2017. Strategies in Light and The LED Show were joined via co-location with a vision of providing a uniquely integrated platform for information exchange, networking and new business development. Covering the full spectrum of the lighting industry from components and packaging to design and installation, Strategies in Light and The LED Show bring together every aspect of the industry to facilitate collaboration across multiple segments of the market. 110+ industry leaders speaking on the latest hot topics. And 300+ Exhibitors showcasing the latest in products, technologies and services.

Gentwin LED lighting Co.,Ltd(Hereafter Gentwin) brought high performance products and lots of advanced technology to this Expo, not only the products with "copper heat column phase change heat transfer" technology as the most advanced tech for LED cooling industry (such as LED heat sink, LED housing, etc.), but also different LED lighting products, such as LED High Bay Lights LED Spot Lights and so on.

Gentwin provided lots new services to customers these years, including customized cooling solution and luminaries designs, etc. These services strengthened the technical communication and business cooperation with other excellent international enterprises, as well as enhanced the brand awareness and influence in the LED industry.

In future, Gentwin will try its best to search and communicate the cooling solutions with other companies to solve more cooling problems by using “Copper Phase Change Heat Transfer” technology.
Thanks for all your supports. If need anything, both business and technical supports, just let us know. Any mails are welcomed: !

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