Gentwin heat pipes and its applications


The heat pipe technology was a heat transfer element ca […]

The heat pipe technology was a heat transfer element called "heat pipe" invented by George Grover of the Los Alamos National Laboratory in 1963. It takes full advantage of the heat transfer principle and the rapid heat transfer properties of the phase change medium. Through the heat pipe will heat the body of heat quickly transferred to the heat source, the thermal conductivity of any known metal than the thermal conductivity.

The heat pipe is a vacuum container, usually a circular cross-section, which is filled with a small amount of working fluid. The heat pipe transfers heat through the evaporation and condensation of the working fluid. As described above, the heat pipe is a vacuum vessel which is evacuated and partially filled with a working fluid. When the heat is fed at the evaporator, the fluid is evaporated and a pressure gradient is created in the pipe. The pressure gradient forces the vapor to flow along the pipe to the condenser section, where it condenses and discharges its latent heat. The working fluid is then returned to the evaporator by capillary force generated in the porous core structure or by gravity.

The heat pipe is a ideal choice for applications that require heat transfer with minimal thermal gradients to increase the size of the heat sink, position the sink to a remote location, or require an isothermal surface. Heat pipe technology is widely used in areas such as refrigerators, air conditioners, steam engines, boilers, aerospace, aircraft, ships, etc. Heat pipe materials include steel pipe, aluminum pipe, brass, engineering plastic pipe.

According to different application environment there are a variety of fluid substances for engineering scientists to choose. Now people are most familiar with the application of heat pipe than indoor winter heating, summer air conditioning refrigeration, which is actually only a small part of heat pipe application. The future of heat pipe technology for field engineering will have a very broad prospect, for example, the use of heat pipe technology on the airport runway is the best application example.

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