High pole light installation


ready 1. Carefully count all components according to th […]


1. Carefully count all components according to the loading and packing list.

2. Check if the component is damaged, bent, twisted, and if the zinc layer is damaged.

3. The sign on each pole indicates the type, order number and number of segments of the pole. The weight of the shaft is marked with a colored pencil on the inside of the shaft. Whether the shipment is correct or not, and whether the crane is capable of lifting.

4. Mark the rod on the rod according to the maximum and minimum sleeve lengths provided on the drawing for socketing.


1. Each joint is provided with a set length, but due to manufacturing, installation errors and physical factors, there is a change in the length of the sleeve, so the maximum sleeve length and the minimum sleeve length are provided.

2. In order to facilitate installation, it may be necessary to lubricate the mating surface. Be careful not to use lubricating oil to prevent leakage and contamination of the shaft. You can lubricate the inner and outer surfaces with soapy water.

3. When splicing, apply the necessary force at both ends to obtain a tight socket.


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