high-quality intelligent lighting appliances are widely used


In fact, with the continuous improvement of power carri […]

In fact, with the continuous improvement of power carrier communication technology, white LED technology, embedded computer intelligent information processing technology and so on, people's demand for the quality of white LED light source is also increasing, from the original simple pursuit of "high brightness" to the "high quality" which takes into account the color rendering index, color temperature and other luminous properties. When developing intelligent lighting products, enterprises will also pay more attention to product upgrading and technological innovation. In the fields of plant, exhibition, medical treatment, art and so on, high-quality intelligent lighting lamps and lanterns have broad application space. For example, in rare plant cultivation, intelligent lighting fixtures can adjust light according to the needs of plant growth.
Some insiders pointed out that at present, intelligent lighting only meets the basic lighting function, and the connection with other intelligent systems is not close enough. Every action of intelligent lighting depends on the user to issue instructions, instead of interworking with other systems, receiving information and acting reasonably independently. In order to make the intelligent lighting display its real value, it also needs continuous exploration and efforts from the industry.
Nowadays, with IOT technology as the core, along with the new generation of information technology such as artificial intelligence and big data, intelligent lighting industry has become a major direction of the development of the whole smart home industry. Intelligent lighting products with a variety of technologies and functions are also playing a very important role in the development of various industries.
Ultimately, the ultimate goal of smart home is to meet the needs of "people". In the whole house intelligent stage, under various scenarios, all smart appliances will unite into a unified whole. At that time, intelligent lighting products will also bring more convenience and fun to people's lives. And it will take some time to achieve this.


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