Home lighting purchase should pay attention to safety


Particularly exaggerated is that the metal parts of the […]

Particularly exaggerated is that the metal parts of the lamp should not have too strong reflective, the lights do not need to be too strong to create a peaceful atmosphere, reduce fatigue and tension. In addition, the energy-saving lighting is also a major factor in the choice of choice, should choose efficient energy-saving lamps or energy-saving light source. The size of the lamp to be combined with the indoor area, the number of furniture and the corresponding size to configure, such as 12 square meters below the small living room should adopt a diameter of 200 mm below the ceiling or wall lamp, the number of lamps should be appropriate to avoid too Crowded. Any one of the qualified products have a corresponding quality certificate and certificate. Reasonable choice of lamps first make the lamp suitable for indoor space size and shape, to meet the room use and character.
In the choice of indoor lighting, to meet the lamp color, shape, style. In the purchase of lamps to look at the quality of lamps, check the lamp warranty book, certificate is complete. In addition to the indoor color tone to match, but also according to the function of the room to choose the type of lamps, such as the living room can choose more luxurious luxury ceiling lamps, chandeliers, multi-purpose warm light; study can use light soft, bright, The use of milky white shade lamps and lamps, should increase the local lighting for learning, work purposes; bedroom should constitute a quiet, gentle atmosphere, people have a sense of security, can be more use of milky white or light chandelier, downlight.


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