How could the bad heat dissipation of LED lamps have such an effect


For the LED lamp, one of the important components is he […]

For the LED lamp, one of the important components is heat dissipation, which will directly affect the lamps.
1. Reduction of service life
In the power of LED light source, a small part of the energy will be converted to light energy, and most of the remaining energy will be converted to heat energy. If the design of heat dissipation structure of LED lamps is unreasonable, the converted heat energy can be quickly dispersed, then a large amount of heat energy will be accumulated in the LED lamps, resulting in a reduction in service life.
2. Electronic malfunction
When the temperature of LED rises, the electrical impedance increases, resulting in an increase in current, which leads to an increase in heat. In this reciprocating cycle, more and more heat will cause the overheating of electronic components and damage, resulting in electronic failure.
3. Lamp Parts Damage
Because there are many components of LED lamps, the materials used are different. So when the temperature rises, part of the material of the lamp will expand and deform because of overheating. When the distance between components is too close, extrusion will occur between components, and the lamp parts will be damaged.

The LED luminaire for Gentwin lighting is designed as an independent cavity, and according to the principle of heat flow, the radiator is designed by penetrating hollowing, and the air convection takes away a lot of heat, so that the temperature of the radiator is greatly reduced, which is conducive to the full heat dissipation of the LED and prolonging the service life of the light source.

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