How to buy high quality lighting


    Electric lights so that our family is full of light […]

    Electric lights so that our family is full of light and warm, for us to create a warm atmosphere of the family, so the purchase of lamps for a family is very important, then the specific how to buy it? Today let us know about the relevant lighting skills.
First, concerned about the type of material
In the shape, color, brightness are also different, we can according to the specific style of the family and the decoration effect of the purchase, as far as possible with the entire family decoration style to achieve a unified effect.
Second, according to the family area to buy lamps
According to the degree of light can be divided into fluorescent, spotlight, incandescent, etc., they have their own performance and brightness, use and different areas of the family. So we in the purchase process need to clearly install the area, and select the appropriate type. In general, the bathroom, the kitchen will usually install energy-saving lamps, to achieve a wide range of light at the same time play a good power-saving features. The bedroom, the study can be used to install incandescent, because the incandescent light is more soft, suitable for us to read books, watch the computer entertainment and leisure life.

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