How to Choose a Suitable Heat Sink


When choosing the appropriate best heat sink form gentw […]

When choosing the appropriate best heat sink form gentwin manufacturer , not only need to check the various parameters affect the performance of the radiator, but also need to consider the performance of the whole system. The choice of a particular type of radiator mainly relies on the thermal budget of the radiator and the external conditions around the radiator. It should be emphasized that the radiator can not only have a single thermal resistance because the thermal resistance will change when external cooling conditions change.

When selecting a radiator, the air flow needs to be classified as natural, low flow, or high flow forced convection. There is no external induced flow, and heat transfer only depends on the free buoyancy of the air around the radiator when natural convection occurs. When a mechanical device causes an air flow, a forced convection occurs. There is no clear distinction between the flow rate of the separation and forced flow schemes.

The volume of the radiator for a given flow condition can be obtained by dividing the volume thermal resistance by the desired thermal resistance. Depending on the number of additional parameters, such as the actual size of the radiator, the type of heat sink, flow configuration, orientation, surface finish, height, etc., the actual resistance value will vary.

The average performance of a typical radiator is linear and proportional to the width of the radiator in the direction proportional to the flow and parallel to the square root length of the fins in the parallel direction. For example, the width of the radiator increases by one half of the heat dissipation capacity will be doubled, and the increase in the length of the radiator multiplied by two factors increases the heat dissipation factor only one factor. In addition, the effect of radiant heat transfer is a very important natural convection because it accounts for 25% of the total heat dissipation, unless the component faces a hot surface near it.

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