How to choose all kinds of lamps


If used to living room activity, living room space lamp […]

If used to living room activity, living room space lamp, table lamp to decorate, functional auxiliary design. If the room is taller, it is advisable to use an incandescent chandelier with a trigeminal to a five-pronged or a larger round chandelier, which will make the living room look magnificent. Incandescent color rendering index higher than fluorescent lamps, fluorescent lamps and high luminous efficiency than incandescent lamps, they each have their own strengths, according to the needs of each person or the style of lighting modeling options to choose.
At present, electrical lines are easy to buy a variety of brightness and luster of light bulbs, according to the color of upholstery, choose matching lighting. In addition, fine-tuning switch also facilitate the adjustment of indoor lighting brightness. The best choice of curved handle lamp, in order to adjust the angle of the light source. For example, reading and work areas need to be enhanced with lighting, while sleeping beds should be shielded from direct light so as not to fall asleep. Floor lamp is an option, or you can also use more economical lamp. Wall lamp should be low surface roughness of the wave material shade, so that the bedroom may seem soft light, which will help rest. washroom. Lamp, lamp is an auxiliary light source with various spaces, in order to facilitate coordination with the space, too strange shape of the lamp is not appropriate. Also, the walls are best brushed to make the room brighter. Table lamp selection should be adapted to the nature of work and learning needs, should use a reflector, the lower part of the direct table lamp, that is, desk lamp or writing desk lamp, table lamp light incandescent, fluorescent commonly used. However, it is not appropriate to use all the chandeliers with the light downwards, but should also make the upper space have a certain brightness, to reduce the brightness difference between the upper and lower space.
The basic principle is to avoid the formation of dark areas, so do not use a single center light source, but use a combination of multiple light sources. Well-furnished indoor lighting is not really a problem, and sometimes you just use a bit of common sense. Wall lamp should be used, so as to avoid condensation of water vapor in the lamp, affecting lighting and erosion lamps. In addition, you can also be placed under the nightstand or low footlights, so as to avoid the strong light from the night when the stimulus. This generally do not need a strong light, the color is best used in soft and warm colors, so help to set off a quiet and warm atmosphere. It is best to avoid the use of fluorescent lamps, fluorescent lamps will make people easily tired, upset gas, you should switch to soft bulbs. bedroom. If the room is low, ceiling lamps can be used plus floor lamp, so that the living room will look generous, with a sense of the times, floor lamp with the sofa next to the sofa side of the coffee table and then coupled with lighting craft lamp, or wall around the lower installation of wall lamp, In this way, not only local lighting when reading a book, but also in the conversation also added a cordial and harmonious atmosphere. Available wall lamp, floor lamp to replace the indoor center of the dome light. Bedside tables should be denim lamps, headlamps for reading lighting, small lights for getting up at night with a desk.

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