How to choose the LED lamp?


LED lighting as the fourth generation of new lighting s […]

LED lighting as the fourth generation of new lighting sources, has gradually entered the homes of ordinary people. Many shops and home decoration will choose energy saving, environmental protection, green, healthy LED lamps. LED is one of the most commonly used lamps downlight and Home Furnishing in commercial lighting, we often face difficulties when choosing to buy, do not know how to choose? LED downlight better quality what brand? Here is a detailed answer to this question.
1, in the purchase of LED lamp, we can take a look at the lamp appearance, the lamp body is smooth, there is no scratches, the overall feeling is good, good LED downlight will feel heavy, because the use of the material and the radiator will be better.
2, LED will take in the hand shaking force lamp, listen to whether there is noise, such as abnormal sound that no internal fixation downlight, there are security risks, for the unqualified products.
3, light LED downlight, using a mobile phone camera function close to the light emitting surface to see whether there are such as flicker, flicker, the LED lamp is equipped with a power supply for the low-end products of inferior quality, affect the overall quality of LED downlight.
4, the same LED lights lit up at the same time several manufacturers of the same type lamp, observe its luminous color and brightness is consistent, if not consistent is obvious, as inferior, because the same LED lamp manufacturers with the same type of products can not be light color and brightness inconsistency.
As the main ceiling lighting LED lamp. In addition to the luminous effect and energy saving effect, heat dissipation and safety must be considered among the most important ones. So for the buyers to buy LED downlight, because the choice has to protect the credibility of the brand, we must carefully check the quality before purchase, to eliminate potential safety problems.

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