How to Choose the Right LED Cooler


A new trend in grocery stores and convenience stores to […]

A new trend in grocery stores and convenience stores today is the replacement of fluorescent lamps with energy-efficient LED lamps in refrigerated, refrigerated, frozen food and beverage showcases. Although these lamps are available in a variety of sizes, these lamps can be easily and flexibly retrofitted and help businesses save thousands of energy costs each year. When deciding to use these environmentally friendly LED lamps, you should consider these factors.

Use the new light bulb to choose which energy-saving light bulb is purchased when lumen shopping is more important than buying watt. When the wattage measures the energy required to irradiate the product, the amount of light produced by the lumen measurement. This means that the more lumens of the product, the brighter the light source. Consumers should not buy products based on the energy they consume, but should consider how much light they give us.

The wattage is a measure of the energy consumption of the bulb - not how much light it emits. The energy-saving light bulbs use less watts to emit the same brightness. Therefore, LED not only helps to reduce energy consumption, but also can reduce electricity costs.

Color temperature refers to the appearance of the light from the light source. Evaluating the lamp when evaluating the lamp is an important performance feature because the color temperature produces a mood for the lighting space, which affects the buying behavior or performance. The apparent color of the light source is measured in Kelvin. The higher the temperature of Kelvin, the more white the light.

The power factor is a measure of how your load is effectively obtained from the power plant, in other words, it means that it provides a measure of how close your load is to the incandescent bulb. The low PF system requires utilities to generate additional power. Therefore, LED bulbs and lamps require high power factor solutions to save energy.

When listed fixtures may qualify for your local utility's energy rebate, this can significantly reduce the cost of ownership. Qualified product inventories are the resources of the program manager to help them decide which solid-state lighting products are included in their energy efficiency promotion.

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