How to choose the right LED light


Look at the color temperature selected lights: differen […]

Look at the color temperature selected lights: different lighting places, such as bedroom, living room, kitchen and toilet lighting needs are not the same, this time you can look at the color temperature of LED lights to choose. LED lamp color temperature range of 2700 ~ 6500K, the smaller the value of the yellow bias, otherwise it is biased towards blue and white. The most appropriate LED lighting color temperature range should be close to the natural white color temperature range is the most scientific choice, in the daily home lighting can choose 2700K incandescent or 5000K neutral white; In addition, the lighting is not more white Good, high color temperature lighting near noon glare of the sun, too strong eye irritation, and low color temperature is prone to fatigue, only the color temperature comfortable lighting is the health lamp.
Look at the luminous flux selected light: luminous flux refers to the popularity of lightness. Different environments, different areas need different brightness. Under the same floor count, depending on the environment, the number of lamps used is different. Purchase according to their own space needs advice shopping guide staff. Select lamps, the need to combine the lighting environment, reference product luminous flux index, or observe the brightness of light, try to choose a full but not dazzling light lamps.
Look at the color index selection lights: See CRI is to see the color of the object under the light of reality, the value is generally 0-100, and now the LED light color standards are greater than 75, it is recommended to choose more than 80 better.
Stroboscopic test: It is recommended to see if the purchase of LED lamps strobe, strobe lamps have an impact on vision. LED lights through the use of full-power constant-current drive technology to eliminate stroboscopic phenomenon. Strobe is the naked eye is difficult to detect the problem, you can use cell phone lighting at the camera, if the photo appears gray and white "stripe" then there is a strobe, if there is no "stripe" then no flicker.
In addition, LED equipment manufacturers suggest that the choice of LED light source products, health and safety is the key. Therefore, the best choice in line with national safety standards, excellent quality products.

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