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  LED lights are increasingly widely used, we use LED l […]

  LED lights are increasingly widely used, we use LED lighting in the process need to pay attention to what? For consumers, how can we choose the right lighting? This article will be introduced one by one. Power selection: LED bulb, professional known as LED bulb, it is the most common home power of 3W, 5W, 7W, 9W, engineering with 12W, 18W, 21W, 24W, or even greater power, 40W, 80W, 120W, 150W and so on.
First, roughly determine the good and bad LED parameters of the six:
1, luminous flux (Φ) unit is lumen (lm)
Note: luminous flux directly from the chip brand decision, our light bulbs are all provided by the Taiwan chip Guanghong brand.
2, color temperature (k) unit is Kelvin
3, color (ra) color rendering index
4, light source efficiency (lm / w)
5, the power of the power factor
6, cooling effect
Need to meet the six parameters of the lights, the basic can determine a good or bad lamp!
Second, the power of choice
LED bulbs, professional known as LED bulb, it is the most common home power of 3W, 5W, 7W, 9W, the project with 12W, 18W, 21W, 24W, or even greater power, 40W, 80W, 120W , 150W and so on.
3W bulbs are generally used in the table lamp, bedside lamp above.
5W bulbs are generally used in the floor lamp above.
7W bulbs are generally garage, nanny room and so on.
Personal construction: like the living room in the big chandelier, generally with 3W majority, because it may use a lamp above the 6-30 bulbs, the number of light source determines his brightness. Like the table lamp \ floor lamp above, Bigger light bulb, as far as I know Taobao, many vendors have the power to have a false number of W existence.
Third, the lamp selection
There are E27, E14, E26 and so on. These are the screw lampholder, the letter E stands for Eddie thread's spiral lampholder or lamp, and the number on the back represents the outside of the lampholder. The integer value in mm, in mm.
So E27 said outside diameter of 27mm screw cap, E14 said outside diameter of 14mm screw cap, LED lamp power and lamp size does not matter, the same power LED bulbs can be used E27 lamp, can also be used E14 lamp, which E27 is the most commonly used lamp.
There B22 lamp holder, B22 lamp is a kind of lamp, the lamp is connected to the end of the light line, for the installation of the lamp with the interface, is the lamp fixed to the lamp holder, so that lights and power connected to the lamp parts.
Electric light source mainly uses lamp holder, lamp holder naming method. The meaning of the relevant symbols: B bayonet lamp, B followed by the number that the diameter of the shell, such as: B22D / 25 × 26 - refers to a two-contact, about 22mm diameter bayonet lamp; total length of about 25mm, Skirt diameter of about 26mm.
Fourth, the parameters summary
In fact, no matter what light you buy LED, in fact, is not looking at the appearance, but to see inside the heart, the light is not enough, you need to use the factory spectrum analysis system measured the corresponding test report, the report at least five parameters we can go Comparison, cooling parameters, which depends on the aluminum shell, light failure there is no way to use the naked eye to see, need a professional instrument measured.
Fifth, the price analysis
For example: light bulbs can be divided into: chip, aluminum plate, shell, power, which several large. Each section has a different brand, different batches, different prices. Equivalent to a free combination. Each part is good, then the price is very high, otherwise the price is very low; there are some good, some with the poor, the price is moderate.
So how should we identify it?
1, let the seller to take out the test report, all of a sudden you can see five parameters, roughly the number of heart.
2, recommended on Taobao do not buy 6 yuan the following products, after all, LED lights have not yet reached the stage of popular, national standards have not yet come out.
3, look at the shell, it determines the life of the LED lamp beads (heat); look to see the same, the thickness of aluminum determines the price.
Six, the choice of color temperature
Issued light color: yellow: color temperature: 2700-3500K. (To achieve the warm effect, warm colors)
White: color temperature: 6000-6500K. (To achieve a clean and tidy effect, cool colors, now used in summer more)

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