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Ceiling lamp, crystal pendant lamp, ceiling lamp, wall lamp, spotlight...... The lamps and lanterns of different shapes in modern home may bring difficulties to home life. We all know that ceiling lamps lit, will produce some electromagnetic response, not only easy to absorb dust in the air, but also let some insects in a light place to run; and beautiful chandeliers and lamps but also has complex shape and shade, if you three months whether it will stick with dust on the light bulb and the bodies of insects. While not diligent in cleaning lamps, but also a considerable waste of electricity, the country for an "clean bulb" and "lamps", the same power, second years, lighting brightness will be reduced by 30%.
In fact, as long as you master some small skills, you can make your lamps and lanterns a new look. Then, how should we clean the lamps and lanterns?
  It's better to use vinegar to clean the bulb
When you clean the bulb, you can keep the cleaning results longer if you do a good job of "dustproof" at the same time. We can be about a bottle of beer vinegar in a small bowl of water, hand mix thoroughly, the soft cloth soaked in vinegar to the water, draining to wipe the bulb, can not only let the bright lights, and the role of anti dust.
Clean the bulb and don't rub it back and forth
Whether you are using water or vinegar cloth with neutral detergent for kitchen cloth to clean the lamp, should pay attention to twist eight or nine into dry, and to wipe in one direction, but do not rub back and forth wipe, otherwise it is easy to become a "big Erhualian bulb". If you think the lamp is very dirty, non washing can not be removed, then it can be generally spiral bulb gently in the power off and then put the lamp with food plastic bags airtight cover, with a rubber band tied to set (this can be done to prevent the washing water into the light leakage accident students). Then with a bottle of beer, kitchen detergent and 500ml water with detergent, in a small spray bottle shake, first put the bulb cleaning water spray again for 5 minutes, then put on water spray two times, the last with a soft cloth to dry.
TIPS: clean bulb has two major principles to remember: first, to cut off the power supply, and the two is just used light bulb to be naturally cooled to room temperature before cleaning.
The height of the available cotton wipe bulb
Ceiling lamps and chandeliers are hung on the ceiling. If you wish to clean quickly, it is better not to remove them. Wipe up to use a handy tool that will light cotton or double towel over the set in the hand, can easily wipe. If the lamp is too dirty, you can pour a little kitchen in the cotton socks head to wipe the heavy duty office with detergent, then wipe clean old socks once.
The bulb from the grease wipe with hot vinegar
The light bulb in the kitchen from the grease, so every two weeks should wipe again, a plate of vinegar using microwave heating, hot dipped in vinegar wipe grease on the light bulb would have collapsed.

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