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The reason why LED is durable, because it does not prod […]

The reason why LED is durable, because it does not produce filament fusing problems. LED will not stop directly, but it will gradually degrade over time. General LED can be used for more than 50,000 hours, the luminous intensity will gradually decline from the nominal value to about 70%, the impact of LED life is mainly due to the following three components: light source, power supply and shell.
1  Light source
LED chip quality is an important reason for the impact of life, while the chip design and materials can affect the LED life. LED packaging technology is also an important reason for the impact of LED life, a reliable packaging manufacturers for LED life has a great relationship.
2. Power supply design
Because the LED discretization exceptionally strong, voltage drop, wavelength, light color, height difference is very large, only the above indicators of the same LED can be used in parallel with the reverse pressure to reduce the current is very large, high voltage drop current is very small, Resulting in light color, high degree of uneven, short current life shortened. Power supply itself is also an important reason for life, the general electrolytic capacitor in the case of 105 ℃ 8000 hours of life, 40 ~ 60 ℃ case of 15,000 hours of life, no electrolytic capacitor can guarantee 30,000 hours.
3. Thermal design
Heat dissipation is one of the important reasons for LED life. LED lighting requires current drive, and only about 15% of the input power is converted to light, and most (about 85%) is converted to heat due to invalid. Which is very important environmental temperature, ambient temperature can affect the LED lamp cooling temperature of 5 to 20 degrees change.
4 light source material
LED is a point-like light source, if the use of poor LED, then the LED process will release a lot of heat, so that the die junction temperature rose rapidly, the higher the LED power, the greater the heat effect.LED chip temperature will Resulting in changes in the performance of light-emitting devices and electro-optical conversion efficiency attenuation, even when the failure.
5 drive power supply
LED power supply quality directly restricts the reliability of LED products, therefore, the international market, foreign customers on the LED drive power efficiency conversion, effective power, constant current accuracy, power life, electromagnetic compatibility requirements are very high, because the power in the whole The role of the lamp is as important as the heart of a man.
6 drive current
The higher the LED current flowing through the LED, the higher the brightness of the LED, which is proportional to its operating current, but if the current flowing through the LED exceeds the limit range, the LED will Will be saturated, not only significantly reduce the luminous efficiency, and the service life will be shortened.
7 Light distribution processing
LED is a directional point light source, how to creatively apply this feature of LED, to create a comfortable light environment is the core of LED optical design technology. LED light source itself will generally have a lens or transmission material, used to improve the efficiency of light emission, while meeting the light about 120 degrees with light distribution, commonly known as an optical design. But in order to meet the various needs of indoor lighting, the need to re-distribution of light according to need, the way the LED will be issued by the secondary distribution of light to achieve a comfortable light environment, but also an important factor affecting the quality of LED.

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