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    LED lamps have gradually become the first choice fo […]

    LED lamps have gradually become the first choice for home lighting, but the fish market is too many poor quality of the market, but the hard LED lights, for how to choose the ideal LED lamps, has become a lot of consumer problems. Here to tell you about how to buy to the ideal LED lamps.
First of all to consider the "simple" products for the principle. Lighting in the room should play the role of finishing touch. Too complex shape, too complicated color, are not suitable for the design of simple room.
Second, to buy easy to install pre-installed LED lamps, most people have experienced the embarrassment of the replacement of the lamp bulb: stepping on the table, marching chair, head 90 degrees, lift the arms over 2.5 meters high or even higher ceiling. When choosing a lamp, be sure to consider replacing the lamp. No room should choose chandelier, because the chandelier light to the ground from the smaller.
Of course, energy conservation is also very important, LED lamps are basically the concept of energy-saving, energy-saving light bulbs both energy-saving, lighting and good, do not distribute heat, for long lamps. Energy-saving light bulbs are mostly standard screw, and chandeliers have two caliber, one is the standard, you can use energy-saving light bulbs; one is non-standard, can not use energy-saving light bulbs.
Moreover, we must consider the product safety principles, we must choose the regular manufacturers of LED lamps. Regular products are marked with the total load, according to the total load, you can determine how many watts of light bulbs used, especially for long chandelier is the most important, that is, the number of head × the number of watts per bulb = total load. Also high moisture, should use waterproof lamps.
   Finally, the coordination of the problem, lighting and the overall style of the room to coordinate, and the same room more than light, should maintain color coordination or style coordination.   Such as wooden walls, wooden cabinets, wooden roof of the rectangular balcony, suitable for loading a rectangular wooden light. Equipped with iron table, metal tube glass table and chairs of the rectangular hall suitable for a rectangular tube metal tube chandelier. A gold door handle, gold spotlight bedroom, suitable for a golden light. Learn clever coordination of lighting with, so that every family more warm.

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