Industrial and Mine Lamp Installation New Skills


Nowadays, the application of industrial and mining lamp […]

Nowadays, the application of industrial and mining lamp is gradually widespread. It belongs to new technology products. Now it has been accepted and used by consumers. Since it is a new technology product, at the same time, it also needs to know the matters needing attention in the installation of factory workshop to prevent accidents.
1. Installation personnel must be required to hold professional electrician's Certificate in order to avoid the damage of industrial and mining lamps caused by installation errors.
2. Before installation, the integrity of industrial and mining lights and the completeness of accessories must be carefully checked;
3. When fixing, the temperature connection wire of the industrial and mining lamp can pass through the wire behind the lamp from the drilling hole, and can be fixed by wire clamp, so as to ensure the fixing is firm;
4. When installing, the product should be at least 0.2m away from the flammable material, and the installed ceiling should have a gap of 2cm high. The lamps and lanterns should not be all installed in the ceiling, or the wall with heat source. Attention should be paid to the separation of low-voltage and high-voltage wiring.
5. To ensure that the power cord of the lamps has enough length, not subject to tension or tangential force, the connection of installing the lamps should avoid excessive tension, not to make the connection knot, the output connection should pay attention to distinguish, not confuse with other lamps and lanterns.
After the lighting manufacturer has installed the lamps, it is necessary to test them to see if there is stroboscopic phenomenon. It is possible to do a simple test with the camera status of the mobile phone. Because stroboscopic is harmful to our eyes, it is necessary to test them after the installation is completed.

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