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Intelligent lighting to our lives is not a change in th […]

Intelligent lighting to our lives is not a change in the slightest bit, otherwise it will also be reduced to tasteless products.
First of all, a key switch and timer switch, there may be a lot of people have read before going to bed or brush microblogging and other habits, until the trapped to think of the lights or fell asleep before the situation has occurred, anyway, editors have a profound Of the experience, open the lights to sleep one night, the next day must be a panda eyes, poor quality of sleep.
Intelligent lighting of the wireless operating system can be directly manipulated on the phone, gently touch all the lights can be closed, completely solve the trouble of getting up and closing lights.
There are a lot of intelligent lights can be based on personal habits, the lighting of the regular opening and closing of the definition. For example, every morning at 7:00 7:00, the bedroom lights slowly open to a suitable brightness; in the middle of the night, automatically turn off all the lighting, like a lamp on the alarm clock, very suitable for regular use of life.
Followed by the light and darkness adjustment and the scene mode, life in many cases, we may need different light. For example, we bought the clothes from the mall, take home often feel different from the shopping malls, which are caused by the different lighting. If you want to eat a romantic dinner at home and at the beloved, the soft light can highlight the romantic atmosphere; if you meet with your friends at home, you may need some warm colors of different colors; or reading before going to bed needs a eye light.
Lighting changes is to create the most important part of the scene mode, the use of personal needs, life habits can be set to set the light lightness, color temperature, etc., set to a fixed mode scene, a key control the entire model set the lamp, So there is no need to switch lights and dimmer one by one, just a touch operation to achieve multi-channel lighting scene conversion.
There are also ambient light perception and infrared perception, the traditional fixed brightness of the lights in the morning or evening often have such a problem, open too bright, do not open and a little dark, into a very awkward situation, open feel a waste, not open And a bit uncomfortable. Now a lot of intelligent lamps are able to perceive the environment to change the light, so that not only can adjust the most suitable for us to use the brightness, intelligent lighting control, but also can save electricity.
In fact, the so-called intelligence, that is, as much as possible to save the unnecessary waste of manpower. If the family has an old man or a child, then go to the bathroom at night to touch the switch to the lights is also very troublesome, but also increased the chance of accidents, many families will now install infrared sensor lights, very convenient.

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