Lamp head utilization and heat conduction and heat dissipation


Use of lamp holder In household-type smaller-power LED […]

Use of lamp holder

In household-type smaller-power LED lamps, the internal space of the lamp cap is often used to partially or completely put the heat-generating drive circuit. This makes it possible to dissipate heat from a lamp cap having a large metal surface such as a screw cap because the lamp cap is in close contact with the metal electrode of the lamp holder and the power cord. Therefore, a part of the heat can be derived from heat dissipation.

Heat conduction and heat dissipation

The purpose of heat dissipation of the lamp housing is to reduce the operating temperature of the LED chip. Since the expansion coefficient of the LED chip is very different from the commonly used metal heat conduction and heat dissipation material expansion coefficient, the LED chip cannot be directly soldered to prevent high and low temperature thermal stress from damaging the LED chip. The latest high thermal conductivity ceramic material, the thermal conductivity is close to aluminum, and the expansion system can be adjusted to synchronize with the LED chip. In this way, heat conduction and heat dissipation can be integrated to reduce the intermediate part of heat conduction.

10.PVC improved materials

Thermally conductive, secondary package.

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