LED advertising light than the advantages of traditional light sources


      LED advertising light source is used in indoor an […]

      LED advertising light source is used in indoor and outdoor billboards, light boxes, display counters dedicated LED lighting products. The traditional advertising light source is mainly used fluorescent lamps, incandescent lamps, tungsten halogen lamps, metal halide lamps, these shortcomings of light many, can not keep up with the pace of development of the times, has been gradually eliminated LED light source.
LED advertising light environmental protection, energy saving, long life, light color, beauty and so on. First of all, in terms of energy conservation: LED light box energy efficiency as high as 80% or more, energy consumption is about only one-tenth of the traditional LED light boxes. The traditional LED light box consumes 500W more than the ultra-thin LED light box per hour. Generally, 60% of the fluorescent light is converted into light energy and 30-40% of the electricity is converted into heat energy. Among them, 200W of electricity produces heat energy, 200-300W cooling to balance the heat generated by 200W of electricity. In this way, an area of 3 square meters of ultra-thin LED light boxes than the traditional LED light box power-saving 800W per hour.
The second is to save space than the traditional light source, the thickness of the traditional LED light box is generally 20CM, a column width 100CM, then a four-column LED light boxes accounted for 0.8 square meters of shopping space. Slim LED light box thickness of only 2.6CM, a column around the LED light boxes point shopping mall space of 0.01 square meters, can save 0.7 square meters of space, 10 columns 7 square meters, so that, you can save a lot of rent.


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