LED as indoor lighting has what advantages


Long life, high lumen maintenance value, and PAR and me […]

Long life, high lumen maintenance value, and PAR and metal halide lamp 50 to 250 hours of life expectancy, reducing maintenance costs and the replacement of light frequency. led is the invention of the most prosperous future in the 21st century. This technology, after fully supported by the government, does not really expand, improve, and now has a basic and indiscriminate industry standard and technology. In addition, the LED overcomes the color shift phenomenon after the metal halide lamp is used for a period of time.
In addition, LED indoor lighting compared with neon lights, because it is low pressure, no fragile glass, will not increase the cost due to the production of bending, it is worth to promote the use of logo design. Entertainment and Stage Lighting Because of the dynamic, digitally controlled color, brightness and dimming of LEDs, lively saturated colors create static and dynamic lighting effects. Its precise lighting can be used as a replacement for museum fiber lighting. Compared with the PAR light, no heat radiation, can make the space more quiet. Indoor space display lighting on the lighting quality, because the LED light source without heat, ultraviolet and infrared radiation, exhibits or goods will not produce damage compared with traditional light sources, lamps and lanterns do not need additional filters, lighting system simplicity, low cost Easy to install. The use of LEDs in any color from white to full spectrum opens up new ideas in the illumination of such spaces.


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