LED basic common sense and installation methods


(1) iron welding: iron (maximum 30W), the tip temperatu […]

(1) iron welding: iron (maximum 30W), the tip temperature is not more than 300 degrees; welding time is not more than 3 seconds; welding position at least 2 millimeters from colloid.
(2): the highest temperature is 260 DEG dip dip dip; no more than 5 seconds; dip position at least 2 mm from the gel
Led installation method
(1) pay attention to the arrangement of exterior lines of various devices in case of polarity error. The device should not be too close to the heating element, and the operating conditions should not exceed its specified limit.
(2) be sure not to install LED lights in case of pin deformation.
(3) when deciding to install in the hole, calculate the size and tolerance of the face and the distance between the holes on the circuit board so as to avoid excessive pressure on the support.
(4) when installing LED, fix the guide sleeve.
(5) before welding temperature returns to normal, LED must be prevented from being subjected to any vibration or external force.http://www.gentwin.com/

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