LED bulb structure analysis


1, LED bulb internal drive It can be divided into resis […]

1, LED bulb internal drive
It can be divided into resistance capacitance drive and IC constant current drive
Resistance capacitance drive voltage fluctuation range is very narrow, meet voltage instability, flicker will appear, it is easy to burn. The low voltage range of the new light source is 100V-130V, and the high voltage range is 220-240V.
IC constant current driver can accept 10% voltage fluctuation range, the commonly used low voltage range is 90-160V, high voltage range is 160-260V, no stroboscopic light source has longer service life.
2, LED bulb lamp difference
The common bulb lamp is 5730 and 2835, it is 2835 brightness since 5730, the biggest difference is the difference of single power.
LED bulb lamp
3, LED bulb lamp mouth difference
Super beauty conventional lamp holder has E27, E14 and B22, to meet the needs of different customers at home and abroad.
4 \LED bulb substrate
Glass fiber board: made of glass fiber cloth, low cost, high pressure resistance, but poor heat dissipation, the market price is more acceptable.
Aluminum substrate: a special copper clad laminate based on metal substrate, with good thermal conductivity and relatively high cost. High grade LED bulbs basically use high quality aluminum substrates, which distinguish the high and low grade bulbs.


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