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LED chips generated by the heat is always the final thr […]

LED chips generated by the heat is always the final through the lamp shell to the air. Common heat is: LED chip generated by the heat from its metal heat block out, first through the solder to the aluminum plate PCB, and then through the thermal plastic to the aluminum radiator. LED lamp cooling in fact, including heat and heat two parts. There is a concept to first clear, that is, the difference between heat and heat. Heat is to heat the fastest from the heat source to the radiator surface, and heat is to heat from the radiator surface to the air. First of all to heat the fastest lead, and then to the most effective to the air to go.
Micro-slot group phase-change cooling technology is to rely on technical means (such as equipment structure: micro-trough and other means) to close the cooling medium (if the medium is water) into the order of nano-scale water film, water film thinner, heat evaporation The stronger the latent heat exchange capacity, the higher the power of high-power electronic devices is taken away by steam.
The system consists of four parts, namely, heaters, condensers, pipelines, heat medium (such as water, ethanol, etc.).
Heater is usually made of imported aluminum alloy, the board cavity has many microns in the order of the channel, its role is to take the heat medium (such as water) according to the design requirements into the required liquid film, heating power devices and aluminum Surface contact, the heat through the aluminum heat conduction to the liquid film, liquid film instantaneous vaporization, the heat through the pipeline to the condenser cooling. Due to the heat of the heat sink is very strong, the thermal conductivity is greater than 106 W / (m * ℃), so the volume of the heater can be very small.
Condensers are usually made of imported aluminum alloy, the plate cavity has many millimeters of the order of the number of channels, aluminum plate outside the fins, take the heat through the pipeline to send heat from it is responsible for convection with outdoor air heat transfer and Radiation heat transfer, heat from the heat medium through the condenser release, from the vapor state of liquid, liquid heat medium through its own gravity and returned to the heaters, ready for the next heat exchange cycle.log on to our official website for more details :http://www.gentwin.com/

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