LED cooling technology and heating problems


LED cooling technology LED heat dissipation technology […]

LED cooling technology

LED heat dissipation technology was born in 2000. It is made of semiconductor light-emitting diodes. Its working principle is radiation-composite electroluminescence. It is the most common way to dissipate heat. It uses aluminum heat-dissipating fins as part of the outer casing to increase the heat-dissipation area.

Fever problem

Like traditional light sources, semiconductor light-emitting diodes (LEDs) also generate heat during operation, depending on the overall luminous efficiency. Under the action of external electric energy, the radiation of electrons and holes recombines to produce electroluminescence, and the light radiated near the PN junction needs to pass through the semiconductor medium of the chip itself and the encapsulating medium to reach the outside (air). Comprehensive current injection efficiency, radiation luminescence quantum efficiency, external light extraction efficiency of the chip, etc., finally only 30-40% of the input electrical energy is converted into light energy, and the remaining 60-70% of the energy is mainly caused by non-radiative recombination lattice vibration. Form converts heat.


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