LED downlights and LED ceiling spotlights the difference


LED downlight is a lighting embedded in the ceiling, is […]

LED downlight is a lighting embedded in the ceiling, is a directional lighting, the exposure to light concentration, strong contrast between light and shade, LED ceiling downlight hidden in the ceiling, will not occupy too much space indoors, but also have a warmth .

The installation of LED downlights can make the whole room look more beautiful. Downlight can make the whole indoor look more harmonious, more beautiful, but also hidden in the ceiling, no glare, soft light source, uniform.

Many people always confuse the LED ceiling light and the LED ceiling spotlight, but in fact they are two different lamps.In a word, the LED ceiling light is a more concentrated light, generally used for general lighting, But more for auxiliary lighting.LED Ceiling Spotlight lighting is specific, that is, the target is accurate.Generally for special lighting, for example, if you want to emphasize to emphasize a place, with LED Ceiling Spotlight It's great.

LED ceiling downlight for shopping malls, offices, factories, hospitals and other indoor lighting, as an auxiliary lighting, but also can be used for restaurants, bars and other indoor entertainment.


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