LED energy-saving lamps how to reflect the advantages


   1, low-voltage power supply, low power consumption: […]

   1, low-voltage power supply, low power consumption: In general, LED energy-saving lamp task voltage is 2 to 3.6V, the task current is 0.02 to 0.03A. That is to say: it consumes electricity does not exceed 0.1W;
   2, the use of long life: in the proper current and voltage, the service life of up to 100,000 hours, simply no maintenance. In addition, LED energy-saving lamps with a complete epoxy resin package, it is more than the lamp and fluorescent tubes are consolidated, the lamp body is not loose part of the local, easy to damage;
   3, small size: LED energy-saving lamps is basically a very small chip is encapsulated in the epoxy resin inside;
   4, environmental protection: LED lamps are made of non-toxic information, unlike the fluorescent lamp containing mercury will form a pollution, you can accept the takeover and then apply;
   5, high brightness, low heat: popular lighting with incandescent and halogen tungsten lamp although the price is cheap, but the light effect is low, because the thermal effect of the lamp and white power consumption; LED lighting as a lighting, not only light efficiency, and cold Light source does not occur heat power;
   6, LED energy-saving lamps also has no flash burning, cohesive strong, invariable, short response time and other characteristics;
   Because the LED used by the skills and properties of goods has been very different with the traditional lamps, and thus the current standard of ordinary lighting standards clearly no longer applicable.


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