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The rotation of the tunnel light can be arbitrarily adj […]

The rotation of the tunnel light can be arbitrarily adjusted according to the different positions of the work surface. It is small and exquisite and easy to use. Spotlights are generally mounted on walls or ceilings and are used in key areas of the room decoration, such as hanging noodles, crafts or drawing tables, with concentrated lighting above the desk. Because spotlights are more irritating to the eyes, they should not be used directly for indoor lighting. Used to illuminate walls or specific objects. However, it is not advisable to use spotlights excessively in the room because of the large amount of heat it collects and the high temperature in a short time. If it is used for a long time, it may cause fire. 7.LED downlight LED downlight is covered with a cylindrical lampshade on the light source, embedded in the ceiling or equipped with a fixture, fixed in places that require local lighting, such as bedside, bookshelf, sofa ** and so on. In the ceiling, a light source with a uniform and complementary light source is formed. The activity of the downlight can be freely set according to lighting needs, a light multi-purpose, mobile and flexible, easy to use, does not take up space. 8. A discharge lamp is an electric lamp that emits current through a special vapor or gas and thus produces or approximates the radiant energy of visible light. 9. LED floodlights refer to when the lighting requirements of a referenced scene or object are much stronger than its background. Light projectors designed to illuminate a scene or object Modern light fixtures not only play an important role in lighting, they are also an essential choice for home decoration. 10.LED bulb light bulb lamp is also very easy to understand, is the incandescent lamp that everybody used before in the home, has already eliminated now, its specification has two kinds, is distinguishes from the base, one is E27, E27 lamp head is everybody The most commonly used screw lamp, there is a kind of E14 this kind of lamp head is relatively small and mainly uses the candle lamp above. (I don't introduce all the candle lights. For the moment, he points in the bulb lamp. It's actually like a candle flame. Lamp) 11.LED mining lamp mining lamp is mainly used in industrial lighting above, size has a small, large lamp shade size can be 1 meter, or more, mining lamp is a high power lamp, as long as the LED high power lamp Very power-saving 12.LED Wall Washer The name of this lamp is very artistic, it is mostly used for landscape lighting, a bit of a spotlight means to sprinkle light on the wall, it feels like the wall is washed, it is mainly used for Well-known, or majestic architecture, such as the bridge, the museum wall lamp 13.LED street lamp We all know that LED street lamp is made with LED lamp beads. - -! 14.LED desk lamp LED desk lamp is mainly used for reading and writing. The color rendering index of this lamp is generally required to be above 90, so do not think it is bright.


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