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    LED fluorescent tube luminous efficiency, the tradi […]

    LED fluorescent tube luminous efficiency, the traditional fluorescent lamp light efficiency of 60-70LM / W; LED fluorescent tube light efficiency is 100LM / W, a big difference is that the traditional fluorescent lamp is 360 degrees light, so Effective light part of only about 70%, so the actual light effect will be lower, LED fluorescent tube is 120 degrees light, light side is more concentrated, the actual effective light will increase a lot, so 18WLED fluorescent brightness can be equivalent to the traditional 40W Fluorescent lamps, and more bright than the traditional fluorescent lamps, and can be based on the actual application needs to do the corresponding brightness increase; LED fluorescent lamp brightness is particularly so more easy to make people easy to accept.
LED fluorescent energy saving up to 60% or more, life is more than 10 times the ordinary lamp, almost maintenance-free, there is no need to constantly replace the lamp, ballast, starter problem, the only drawback is the initial cost of investment Will be slightly higher. LED tube is based on the traditional fluorescent tube for the general division; roughly divided into: T5, T8, T10; currently on the market with the T5 and T8 architecture of the fluorescent tube, less rare to see the T10 fluorescent tube; and According to the actual installation of the way is not the same as divided into: T5 integrated LED fluorescent tube, T8 split LED fluorescent tube, T8 integrated LED fluorescent tube; the difference is that the integration of the fluorescent tube power built-in lamp bracket inside , Must be used together with the time, can not be separated, split fluorescent tube, power built-in inside the lamp body, you can directly installed in the traditional fluorescent tube bracket, as long as the bracket part of the line can be changed to normal use, Eliminating the trouble of replacing the stent.

     LED fluorescent lamp life in the 30000-50000 hours. Supply voltage AC85V-260V (AC), no starter and ballast, start fast, low power, no flicker, not easy to produce visual fatigue. It is not only super energy is more environmentally friendly. Is the national green energy-saving lighting project focused on the development of one of the products, is currently replacing the traditional fluorescent products. LED fluorescent lamp installation is relatively simple, it is divided into two kinds of power supply and external, power built-in LED fluorescent lamp installation, the original fluorescent lamp removed to replace the LED fluorescent lamp, and the ballast and starter removed, so 220V exchange Electricity directly to the LED fluorescent lamp can be added at both ends. Power outside the LED fluorescent lamp is generally equipped with a dedicated lighthouse, replace the original can be used.


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