LED heat dissipation method


Aluminum fin This is the most common form of heat dissi […]

Aluminum fin

This is the most common form of heat dissipation, with aluminum fins as part of the enclosure to increase heat dissipation.

Thermally conductive plastic case

The use of LED insulated heat-dissipating plastic instead of aluminum alloy to make the heat sink can greatly improve the heat radiation capability.

Surface radiation treatment

The surface of the lamp housing is radiated and heat-dissipated. The simple method is to apply radiation heat-dissipating paint, which can radiate heat away from the surface of the lamp housing.

Air fluid mechanics

The use of the shape of the lamp housing creates convective air, which is the lowest cost way to enhance heat dissipation.


The inside of the lamp housing uses a long-life and high-efficiency fan to enhance heat dissipation, and the cost is low and the effect is good. However, it is more troublesome to change the fan, and it is not suitable for outdoor use. This design is rare.

Heat pipe

Heat pipe technology is used to conduct heat from the LED chip to the heat sink fins of the case. Large lamps, such as street lamps, are common designs.

Liquid bubble

The liquid bubble encapsulation technology is used to fill a transparent liquid with a high thermal conductivity into the bulb of the lamp body. This is the only technology that uses the light-emitting surface of the LED chip to transmit heat and dissipate heat in addition to the principle of reflection.


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