Various LED Heat Sink


Adura LED Heat Sink/Bridgelux LED Heat Sink/Citizen LED […]

Adura LED Heat Sink/Bridgelux LED Heat Sink/Citizen LED Heat Sink/CREE LED Heat Sink/Edison Opto LED Heat Sink/GE Infusion LED Heat Sink/LG Innotek LED Heat Sink/Lumens LED Heat Sink/Lumileds LED Heat Sink/Luminus LED Heat Sink/Nichia LED Heat Sink/Osram LED Heat Sink/Philips LED Heat Sink/Prolight OptoLED Heat Sink/Samsung LED Heat Sink/Seoul LED Heat Sink/Sharp LED Heat Sink/Tridonic LED Heat Sink/Vossloh Schwabe LED Heat Sink/Xicato LED Heat Sink/High Bay light heatsink




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Customized Service for Base Plate Size Various Sizes of base plate are available to meet your light design with better performance and better price.

(XLamp ML-B/XLamp ML-C/XLamp ML-E/XLamp MX-3/XLamp MX-6/XLamp XB-D/XLamp XB-H/XLamp XH-B/XLamp XH-G/XLamp XHP35/XLamp XHP35/High Intensity/XLamp XM-L/XLamp XM-L High-Voltage White/XLamp XM-L2/XLamp XP-C/XLamp XP-E/XLamp XP-E High-Efficiency White/XLamp XP-E2/XLamp XP-E2 Torch/XLamp XP-G/XLamp XP-G2/XLamp XP-G3/XLamp XP-L/XLamp XP-L High Intensity/XLamp XP-L2/XLamp XQ-A/XLamp XQ-B/XLamp XQ-D/XLamp XQ-E/XLamp XQ-E High Intensity/XLamp XR-C/XLamp XR-E/XLamp XT-E High-Voltage White/XLamp XT-E Royal Blue/XLamp XT-E White/XLamp MC-E/XLamp MHB-A/XLamp MHB-B/XLamp MHD-E/XLamp MHD-G/XLamp MK-R/XLamp MK-R2/XLamp MT-G EasyWhite/XLamp MT-G2 EasyWhite/XLamp XHP50/XLamp XHP50.2/XLamp XHP70/XLamp XM-L Color/XLamp XM-L EasyWhite/XLamp XM-L2 EasyWhite//XLamp CXA1304/XLamp CXA1310/XLamp CXA1507/XLamp CXA1510/XLamp CXA1512/XLamp CXA1520/XLamp CXA1816/XLamp CXA1820/XLamp CXA1830/XLamp CXA1850/XLamp CXA2 Studio/XLamp CXA2520/XLamp CXA2530/XLamp CXA2540/XLamp CXA2590/XLamp CXA3050/XLamp CXA3070/XLamp CXA3590/XLamp CXB1304/XLamp CXB1310/XLamp CXB1507/XLamp CXB1512/XLamp CXB1520/XLamp CXB1816/XLamp CXB1820/XLamp CXB1830/XLamp CXB2530/XLamp CXB2540/XLamp CXB3050/XLamp CXB3070/XLamp CXB3590/CLU701/CLU711/CLU721/CLU731/CLU028/CLU038/CLU048/CLU058/CLU700/CLU710/CLU720/CLU550/CLU027/CLU026/CLU036/CLU046/CLU056/CL-L400/CLL130-0101C1/2835/3030/5050/1216)

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