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According to the "2013 to 2017 China LED lighting indus […]

According to the "2013 to 2017 China LED lighting industry market outlook and investment strategic planning analysis report" analysis, LED lighting market has been considered the most important LED, the most promising applications Overall, the macro environment For LED lighting applications. 2) the traditional light source technology is slow to develop, facing the development bottleneck; 3) LED lighting technology advances and costs continue to decline, long-term market obstacles (1) energy-saving emission reduction has become a global concern and actively promote; 2) Is not big.
Data show that in 2009, the global number of LED street lamp device is about 2.5 million, the penetration rate of 1%, 2010, the global LED lights can reach 4.5 million, the penetration rate of more than 2%. Report forecast global LED street lamp market in 2010 will be high growth, 2009 to 2013 compound annual growth rate as high as 97.75%, by 2013, the global LED street lamp market size reached 2.159 billion US dollars.
Prospects LED lighting industry research group analysis that by the "ten city ten thousand" policy to promote China's LED street lamp market will continue to grow, to 2013 China's LED street lamp market is expected to reach 8.663 billion yuan, accounting for the size of the global market About five percent, becoming the world's most important one of the LED street lamp market.
With the continued development of the industry, technological breakthroughs, the application of the promotion, LED light efficiency is also rising, prices continue to decline. The emergence of new modular die, but also to a single LED tube (module) power continues to increase. Through the continuous efforts of the industry research and development, new optical design breakthroughs, the development of new lights, a single product is expected to further reverse the situation. Control software improvements, but also makes the use of LED lighting more convenient. These gradual changes, all reflect the LED light-emitting diode in the lighting application prospects.
LED is known as the fourth generation of light source, with energy saving, environmental protection, safety, long life, low power consumption, low heat, high brightness, waterproof, miniature, shock, easy dimming, beam concentration, easy maintenance and so on, can be widely used Various instructions, display, decoration, backlight, general lighting and other fields.
(High speed), low power, high brightness, high reliability, high power, Easy to dim, colorful, stable and stable beam, start without delay;
LED shortcomings: the beginning of high cost, poor color, high power LED low efficiency, constant current drive (to be dedicated drive circuit). In contrast, a variety of traditional lighting there are some flaws.
Incandescent: low conversion efficiency (about 10%), short life (about 1000 hours), high heat temperature, single color and low color temperature;
Fluorescent light: electro-optical conversion efficiency is not high (about 30%), hazardous to the environment (including mercury and other harmful elements, about 3.5-5mg / only), not adjustable brightness (low voltage can not start glare), ultraviolet radiation, Slow, rare earth raw material prices (phosphor accounted for the proportion of the cost increased from 10% to 60 ~ 70%), repeated switch affect life;
High-pressure gas discharge lamp: power consumption, the use of unsafe, short life, heat problems, and more for outdoor lighting.http://www.gentwin.com/

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