Led lamp head test method


experiment method 2.1 Appearance requirements Visual in […]

experiment method
2.1 Appearance requirements Visual inspection.
2.2 Safety According to GB7000.1, GB7000.5, GB19510.1 and the corresponding national standards or foreign standards for inspection.
2.3 Electromagnetic compatibility According to the relevant provisions of GB17743 and GB17625.1.
2.4 Electrical performance of the lamp At an ambient temperature of 25 °C ± 2 °C, an AC/DC parameter tester with an accuracy of not less than 0.5 is connected between the regulated power supply (the same nominal frequency as the lamp) and the LED street lamp. The LED street light is in the normal working position, and the power supply voltage is turned on and adjusted to the rated value (if the nominal power supply voltage range of the lamp is adjusted to the maximum and minimum values of the power supply voltage range respectively), the LED lamp works for 2 hours, and the power and power factors are recorded. value.
2.5 Degree of protection According to the provisions of GB7000.1.


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