LED lamp installation instructions and the matters needing attention


LED is a kind of lamp lighting essential Home Furnishin […]

LED is a kind of lamp lighting essential Home Furnishing decoration, it can be installed in the kitchen, bathroom, living room, corridor, etc., is a new generation of energy-saving lamps and efficient environmental health. It is very convenient to install LED lamp and simple, but if installed in special material and environment, there are still some places need to pay attention to, the following will give you about installing LED ceiling safety precautions.http://www.gentwin.com/
1. LED lamp can be installed directly in the combustible material. Some families in appearance, with three plywood lining behind the painted ceiling, in fact it is very dangerous, must take measures; if the surface of the light spot near the high temperature combustible, also take heat or cooling measures.

2. LED lamp and lamp holder lamp wires between parallel conductors connected to the firm, the electrical contact should be good, not because of bad contact, sparks float to the surface between the conducting wire and wire end, and dangerous.
3. LED Cup before installation should check to each section of the wire core lamp, copper cord is not less than 0.4mm, the copper core is not less than 0.5mm, otherwise lead to change.
4. LED cup if the expansion bolt, the bolt should be selected according to the technical requirements of product specifications, the hole diameter and buried depth should be consistent with the specification of the bolt.
5. LED cup holder fixed bolt should not be less than the number of lamps on the base fixing hole, and the diameter of the bolt should match the base and aperture; no fixed hole lamp (to install punch), each lamp for bolts or screws should not be less than 2 and the center of gravity and to light out bolt or screw fit,only when insulated with a diameter of 75mm or less, can use 1 bolts or screws.
6. LED lamp in the brick stone structure installation, should adopt embedded bolts, expansion bolts, or nylon or plastic plug plug,do not use the wedge.

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