LED lamp packaging technology and cooling technology


In recent years, LED lamp packaging technology and cool […]

In recent years, LED lamp packaging technology and cooling technology continues to develop, LED lamp stability has reached a relatively good level, the occurrence of light fades and color drift is mainly cottage products manufacturers, mainly due to unreasonable thermal design. Relatively speaking, the problem of LED lamp driver power supply is more serious, which is the main reason leading to dead lamp or flashing. That is to say, the LED lamp driver power supply has become the short board of LED lamp quality. According to the barrel theory, LED lamp driver power Life is the life of LED lights.
Conventional lighting street lamp is separate from the power supply, the lamp is usually the breakdown - high pressure sodium lamp, high pressure sodium lamp national standard warranty period of one year, street lamp management unit will store a certain amount of sodium lamp, high pressure sodium lamp has a mature national standard, Its main parts size, power and other major parameters are unified, with interchangeability. The current LED light fault mainly in the power, so the main is to solve the power problem. As the current LED power supply is still a lack of mandatory standards, the power supply on the market their own way, single, multiple, different sizes, difficult to replace. With the emergence of ultra-high-power LED street lamps and LED tunnel lights on the market, frequent failures of LED driver power supply and the use of built-in design of LED street lamp driver power supply often result in difficulties in maintaining power supply of LED lamps. In addition, some manufacturers lack after-sale maintenance services. Owners complained, after exaggerated media caused public misunderstanding LED lights, affecting the LED industry reputation.


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